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NOVI, Mich. (Oct. 16, 2017) -- Brooks Utility Products, a supplier of electric metering products for the utility industry for 144 years, is proud to introduce the Banana Jack Test Switch, an innovative product designed with customer safety as the top priority.  The safety and security of banana plugs can now be used on test switches for electric meter testing.

Banana Jacks offer a more secure and superior electrical connection of field test equipment to the test switch compared with the conventional methods using alligator clips. This product was developed in response to customer reports of numerous near-misses and safety incidents when alligator clips became dislodged from test switches. The new product will be offered as a retrofit kit and as an optional feature on all Brooks metering test switches.  

"Brooks saw a desire from field meter technicians to have a safer and more convenient option when connecting test equipment to test switches, and banana jacks are the perfect solution," said Robert Kiessling, Brooks' product manager.

Brooks has applied for and received a patent for the use of banana jacks as the connection point on test switches for metering applications.  Customers can now purchase the new banana jack test ear for easy retrofit of existing test switches or have it added as an option to test switches purchased in the future.  

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