UISOL DR Integration with PJM Interconnection Selected 2010 “Project of the Year”

Recognized by POWERGRID International Magazine for year’s best Demand Response/Energy Efficiency Project 

TAMPA (DISTRIBUTECH, March 23, 2010) - Utility Integration Solutions’ (UISOL) demand response management system (DRMS) implementation for PJM Interconnection was selected as a 2010 “Project of the Year” from Pennwell Publication’s POWERGRID International Magazine.  The award was announced during the opening keynote address at DistribuTECH, the country’s largest annual conference for the electrical transmission and distribution industry.

PJM and UISOL were recognized for the best project in the energy efficiency/demand response category, one of four selected each year by POWERGRID International. The other categories are renewable/grid integration, smart grid, and smart metering categories.  Judges select winners based on ingenuity, scope, practicality, vision, and follow-through.

The PJM Interconnection regional transmission organization operates the world’s largest power grid, serving 51 million people across 13 states and the District of Columbia.

In June 2009, PJM implemented a next-generation software system to expand demand-side resources and improve the operational efficiency of demand-side programs in its wholesale electricity markets.  Thesystem, eLRS, based on UISOL’s DRBizNet DRMS, links and automates wholesale power market transactions that involve PJM, utilities and DR curtailment service providers.  Some 750 users in 200 market participant organizations use  eLRS to enable more than 7,500 MW of demand response in PJM energy, capacity, or ancillary services markets. 

PJM sought a flexible secure, standards-based system that could cost-effectively adapt to meet future needs and market rule changes.  Its DR markets over 7,000 MW of demand resources that represent approximately 450,000 end-use customers.  The eLRS solution is the largest and most sophisticated production deployment of a demand response management system in the world. 

The new system allows the company to automate DR management business processes so that every transaction can be tracked, verified, documented and settled for greater efficiency and transparency.  It facilitates the registration of demand resources, such as a group of schools or a steel manufacturer, so they may bid into the wholesale markets similar to a generation station.  Demand response participation helps to maintain system reliability, mitigate price volatility and potentially reduce peak energy prices.  The system notifies participants of pending tasks in their work queue as well as upcoming system emergency events.  Load reductions are automatically calculated based on a variety of measurement and verification protocols to properly quantify the demand resources contribution to the system.

From the Tampa Convention Center exhibition floor where UISOL was demonstrating the PJM solution (Booth # 3100), UISOL CEO Ali Vojdani, said gaining the spotlight for the PJM solution in front of 6,000 attendees at DistribuTECH was a fitting tribute to the technical skill and resources applied by both companies in the effort.
“PJM is known for its leadership in adopting new technologies that benefit its customers.  This demand response undertaking was a complex, ambitious installation that deserves the industry recognition here among so many peers, and we’re glad to have been a part of it.”

Leveraging its proven technology at PJM, UISOL has embarked on implementing DRBizNet for a number of other utilities and ISOs that collectively span over half of the states in the US. 


Utility Integration Solutions, Inc. (UISOL) is the utility industry systems integration specialist. UISOL offers a range of integration services and software solutions to help its utility clients transform their business performance through the power of smart integration for demand response, smart grid, advanced metering, meter data management, market operations and more. UISOL DRBizNet is the leading software platform for demand response management and the integration of distributed energy resources in the utility industry. Visit www.uisol.com or call 925-939-0449.


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