Smart Grid Privacy: Is The Road to Ruin Paved With Good Consumer Market Intentions?


ATLANTA - Oct 6, 2009 - Once the realm of energy wonks and technology nerds, Smart Grid entered the mainstream consumer consciousness at breakneck speed in 2009.  As major technology companies including Google, Cisco, and Microsoft thundered onto the Smart Grid trail in 2009, mainstream business and consumer media -- interested in selling advertising and aggregating consumer eyeballs -- have turned their attention in vast  majority to the consumer facing components of Smart Grid technology including smart meters, home area networks, and home energy automation. All in all this is a very positive development, but some privacy caution lights are flashing. These critical technology platforms are just one aspect of the larger range of technology and systems encompassed by the Smart Grid.


Georgia Peaches, Peanuts & Smart Grid

ATLANTA – Sep 4, 2009 – A diverse group of utility and energy technology industry stakeholders have come together to advance smart grid in the State of Georgia. The non profit Technology Association of Georgia’s Smart Grid Society board of directors was formed this past Spring. It’s been my honor to serve as a board member of this all volunteer group that The McDonnell Group now supports as a silver sponsor.  

The mission of the TAG Smart Grid society is to educate, enlighten and accelerate the development of Smart Grid in Georgia by exploring key technologies and collaborations necessary to drive Smart Grid systems into reality.


Smart Grid & Energy Efficiency: Thirty Years Later Back to the Future

ATLANTA  - Aug 3, 2009 – Does today’s smart grid fever embody the long anticipated societal tipping point for energy efficiency advocacy and a renewed consumer energy consciousness in the United States? For some insight, I revisited one of my favorite books published thirty years ago this year, Daniel Yergin's co-edited Energy Future: Report of The Energy Project at The Harvard Business School


Microsoft: Hohm of the Smart Grid?

ATLANTA  - July 1, 2009 – Like the ‘big kid’ at the summer pool party doing a cannon ball, Microsoft jumped into the smart grid deep end this past week with its announcement of the Hohm energy management solution.  With fortuitous PR timing coinciding with the Department of Energy’s release of final guidance for smart grid stimulus funding, Hohm has the potential to become a market game changer in the space and positions Microsoft to splash water all over its rival Google’s Power Meter.


Smart Grid & Decoupled Rates: PB&J or PB&B?

ATLANTA - June 11, 2009 - Are decoupled rates required to reach the full potential of the smart grid?  Today, Fortune ran an article by GigaOM’s Justin Moresco reviewing the results of a recent Gartner Group research study. The article entitled “Electric Utilities Fail To Promote Their Energy-Efficiency Initiatives” was a bit pejorative and perhaps too sweeping. Don’t get me wrong, our company’s vision is to help in some very small way to transform the efficiency of the utility industry and in doing so help preserve the environment and facilitate economic growth, but this article vilifies an entire industry for following – and albeit helping make - the rules of the game to date.


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