Smart Grid & Energy Efficiency: Thirty Years Later Back to the Future

ATLANTA  - Aug 3, 2009 – Does today’s smart grid fever embody the long anticipated societal tipping point for energy efficiency advocacy and a renewed consumer energy consciousness in the United States? For some insight, I revisited one of my favorite books published thirty years ago this year, Daniel Yergin's co-edited Energy Future: Report of The Energy Project at The Harvard Business School


Microsoft: Hohm of the Smart Grid?

ATLANTA  - July 1, 2009 – Like the ‘big kid’ at the summer pool party doing a cannon ball, Microsoft jumped into the smart grid deep end this past week with its announcement of the Hohm energy management solution.  With fortuitous PR timing coinciding with the Department of Energy’s release of final guidance for smart grid stimulus funding, Hohm has the potential to become a market game changer in the space and positions Microsoft to splash water all over its rival Google’s Power Meter.


Smart Grid & Decoupled Rates: PB&J or PB&B?

ATLANTA - June 11, 2009 - Are decoupled rates required to reach the full potential of the smart grid?  Today, Fortune ran an article by GigaOM’s Justin Moresco reviewing the results of a recent Gartner Group research study. The article entitled “Electric Utilities Fail To Promote Their Energy-Efficiency Initiatives” was a bit pejorative and perhaps too sweeping. Don’t get me wrong, our company’s vision is to help in some very small way to transform the efficiency of the utility industry and in doing so help preserve the environment and facilitate economic growth, but this article vilifies an entire industry for following – and albeit helping make - the rules of the game to date.


Smart Grid Wireless Enables Wind

ATLANTA - MAY 13, 2009 - The Arcadian Networks wind launch is making waves among the burgeoning wind power industry as utility best practices and standards for wireless communications become a high-value option for wind developers. The potential to integrate wind communications with secure, two-way wireless networks that form the backbone for smart grid communications is a message that resonated with attendees at WINDPOWER 2009 in Chicago last week. 


White House Synchronizes Smart Grid & Energy Storage

ATLANTA - April 16, 2009 - Late this afternoon the White House announced its programs and plans for Smart Grid funding in a press release issued from the Office of Vice President Joe Biden. There were important new details included in the release and the accompanying documents released by the Department of Energy.

Synchrophasors and energy storage took prominence not only in the press release, but also in the detailed forty seven page Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) open for public comment. The FOA accounts for $615 Million of the total estimated smart grid investment of $3.9 Billion with the balance outlined under the DOE’s grant program.


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