Bloomberg Brief features Ice Energy in Q&A: “Utilities Set to Buy Storage Like Traditional Power Supplies.”

With mandated energy storage ahead in California, the issue of how to meet utilities' need for clean affordable capacity has taken center stage. Bloomberg New Energy Finance Reporter Siobhan Wagner turned to Ice Energy for a Q&A session featured in the July 22 issue of Bloomberg Brief.


Fissiling Out?

Two years ago on this blog (Back to Square One?, April 2011), I wrote about how the Fukushima disaster in Japan could possibly derail a nascent revival of nuclear. At that time, nuclear was being pitched as a secondary green energy option behind renewables that was a logical component for a diversified national energy portfolio. After a two-decade lull in new applications since Three Mile Island, it appeared that a new construction boom would be in full swing, bringing with it promising technologies for smaller, more efficient distributed nuclear facilities that could offer nearly unlimited clean energy.


The Role of Research in Voice of the Customer Programs

So many times, inside our companies, we fall into the dangerous trap of making critical business decisions based on our own perceptions. Where we believe our market is going, what we believe our customers need, how we believe our customers make decisions, and how we believe our customers perceive us. Here in the agency, we call this "living in our own petri dish."


Avoid the Pitfalls to Voice of the Customer Success

An overwhelming amount of data shows that successful Voice of the Customer (VOC) programs directly affect your company's bottom line. So why is it that so many programs fail to deliver value? Here are just a few tips to help you avoid the major VOC pitfalls and set your company up for success.


Power to the People of Africa

In the USA, reliable power and clean water are fairly standard. However, power and clean water are still a luxury in many parts of the developing world, as more than 1.3 billion people worldwide still live without access to power. International markets, particularly Africa, hold huge potential for development. I visited Kenya this summer and saw first-hand the tremendous potential of electric power to transform the lives of people, including being in a village where a solar powered innovation is actually saving lives.


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