B2B Marketing in the Mind's Eye

Often, when companies come to an agency for help, they are expecting "the big idea". Many are shocked to find that sometimes the biggest idea is to simply go back to the basics. It feels like, in today's uber-connected digital marketing world, that B2B marketers spend less time, money and relative effort really understanding the perceptions of customers. Maybe it's because we think we already know, or maybe we don't want to face the fact that perceptions involve feelings, and feelings do not follow a rational path. Yet, we all know that ultimately the preferences that end up influencing choices and driving trade-offs during the selection process are shaped by perceptions of our brands, our product or service, and of us.


Big Data & Big Choices: An Energy Marketer's Dream

As a marketer I look for the themes in everything. And right now, everywhere I turn, the "tsunami" of data that is going to crash over us looms large. Right behind it sits the prospect of big-data driven machines connected to the "internet of things" (IOT).


Your Energy Marketing Tour Begins Here: Newness Awaits

Each year, McDonnell Group (MG) conducts an internal customer survey in order to evaluate and discern industry trends and their correlations with our customers' needs. After assessing last year's survey results, McDonnell Group embarked on a new branding adventure. Last month, McDonnell Group unveiled a refreshed rebrand and expansion of service offerings to create increased value for customers. We invite you to take a virtual tour and familiarize yourself with the vibrant and contemporary website that mirrors the new McDonnell Group brand.


Changes: Five Tips to Combat Founderitis

David Bowie sums it up in his smash hit Changes: "Just gonna have to be a different man." In her last blog, Paige very gently referenced a general resistance we founders have to change. I believe our many conversations have gone something along these lines:

  • Just for the record, I have only a minor case of founderitis (denial). Uncontrollable laughter.
  • Hey, why are we changing again (anger)!? Eyes rolling.
  • Can we at least keep our old cards and use them with people fond of the old Cezanne script (bargaining)? Pretty sure that's just you.
  • When will the cobbler's kids get soles on his shoes? (depression). A deep, exasperated sigh.
  • Ok, I've had dozens of positive emails from customers (acceptance). A smile and a knowing nod.


The Path to Awesome

Yesterday, in an extremely lively brainstorming session here in the office, some co-workers introduced me to Robbie Novak. Apparently I live under a rock, because even though I have heard of Geico, I had never heard of the Kid President. After they recovered from the shock of this revelation, and after they felt I was sufficiently shamed enough to stop hurling wicked insults, they sat me down for The Pep Talk.

Now, as far as pep talks go, this one was a pretty darn good one. And while there are so many good sound bites in here, the one that still makes me laugh out loud is, "not cool Robert Frost". In fact, I think I may make a poster out of that and hang it in my office. Because isn't it true? The road less traveled hurts. There are obstacles, and challenges, and you don't have anyone to look to to see how to traverse it. You are on your own. The fact is, walking that road takes courage.


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