How Content Marketing Needs to Adjust in a ‘Fake News’ Era

Content marketing isn’t journalism, but you still need to earn your readers’ trust.

Although the origin of the phrase “fake news” goes back hundreds of years, the saying erupted into mainstream discussion recently during the 2016 presidential election. The rampant spread and reach of “fake news” articles was evident in a post-election analysis from Buzzfeed that found the top 20 “fake news” stories about the election cycle were shared 1.4 million more times than the top 20 real news stories about the election. Combine this with the 50+ “fake news” mentions on President Donald Trump’s Twitter, and it seems like we just can’t get away from “fake news.” Even Oxford Dictionary’s “Word of the Year” in 2016 was “post-truth,” a synonym of the popular phrase.

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Groundhog Day For Energy Storage: Energy Storage Marketers’ Top Five Wish List

Do you ever feel like Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day, waking up day after day to the same routine, running into the same people and having the same conversations? Well, that was me at the Energy Storage Association 27th Annual Conference. How, you might ask?

At the ESA event I posed the same two survey questions to every one of the 20+ vendor marketing and product people I had appointments with. At times it felt like it was Groundhog Day, as marketers hit on many of the same themes in their answers repeatedly, over and over in the course of the two-day event.


Ready, Set, Wait: Ongoing Obstacles in Energy Storage Market Perception and Value

Reflections from ESA 2017

As marketers, we subscribe to the maxim that value is in the eye of the beholder. At the 27th Energy Storage Association conference in Denver this past week, it struck me that this very maxim is what’s holding the market back. The problem is not only one of different perspectives of value; it’s also the nature of storage solution use-cases, often based on a combination of factors or “benefit stacks” to assert their real value or impact. Yet these lack standards, transparency, and a proven market reference and regulatory framework that is widely accepted and acknowledged.

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Will the rapid growth of big data just drive up energy consumption or will it end up being the source of the very solutions that drive the next big breakthrough in energy efficiency?  This is one of the many things I pondered last week at the “Applications of Analytics & Machine Learning in Energy” workshop held by the Georgia Tech/UNC co-led South Big Data Hub, an effort funded in part by grants from the National Science Foundation.


The Results Are In: Going For the Gold

We all knew it was coming, but I didn’t want to face it.  Ready or not, the 2016 Rio Olympics have come to a close.  For a sports fan such as myself—and my husband would tell you that is an understatement—I am feeling a distinct sense of loss, unless we’re talking about sleep where I have suddenly found the two additional hours a night that mysteriously went missing two weeks ago.


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