Power to the People of Africa

In the USA, reliable power and clean water are fairly standard. However, power and clean water are still a luxury in many parts of the developing world, as more than 1.3 billion people worldwide still live without access to power. International markets, particularly Africa, hold huge potential for development. I visited Kenya this summer and saw first-hand the tremendous potential of electric power to transform the lives of people, including being in a village where a solar powered innovation is actually saving lives.


Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days

Summer is finally here! (Go ahead, sing. You know you want to.)  While we don't actually feel it here in the agency, we've certainly bought into the idea that long and lazy days are upon us. And because we believe so firmly that out there somewhere, many of you are kicked back, barefoot in a hammock, on a boat, by the pool, or on the beach, we present you with our Summer Essentials series.


B2B Marketing in the Mind's Eye

Often, when companies come to an agency for help, they are expecting "the big idea". Many are shocked to find that sometimes the biggest idea is to simply go back to the basics. It feels like, in today's uber-connected digital marketing world, that B2B marketers spend less time, money and relative effort really understanding the perceptions of customers. Maybe it's because we think we already know, or maybe we don't want to face the fact that perceptions involve feelings, and feelings do not follow a rational path. Yet, we all know that ultimately the preferences that end up influencing choices and driving trade-offs during the selection process are shaped by perceptions of our brands, our product or service, and of us.


Big Data & Big Choices: An Energy Marketer's Dream

As a marketer I look for the themes in everything. And right now, everywhere I turn, the "tsunami" of data that is going to crash over us looms large. Right behind it sits the prospect of big-data driven machines connected to the "internet of things" (IOT).


Your Energy Marketing Tour Begins Here: Newness Awaits

Each year, McDonnell Group (MG) conducts an internal customer survey in order to evaluate and discern industry trends and their correlations with our customers' needs. After assessing last year's survey results, McDonnell Group embarked on a new branding adventure. Last month, McDonnell Group unveiled a refreshed rebrand and expansion of service offerings to create increased value for customers. We invite you to take a virtual tour and familiarize yourself with the vibrant and contemporary website that mirrors the new McDonnell Group brand.


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