Will 2014 Be The Year That Energy Marketing Gets Personal?

Two very different energy companies with entirely different operating models, business strategies and core business philosophies have one thing very much in common: both NRG Energy (NYSE:NRG) and Southern Company (NYSE: SO) are making energy marketing very personal.


New Data for the System Adoption Curves: Implications for Utility Industry Marketers

Utility market tea leaves are getting a bit harder to read these days. The FERC 2013 Demand Response & Advanced Metering report, released this week, not only reflects that fact, but also provides important data for marketers updating their models and plans for 2014. This blog provides a quick snap shot of the 38 page report.


SE...Oh: Are We There Yet?

As I talked about in my last blog, SEO can be a long and winding road riddled with obstacles and frequent detours. Plan ahead. Determine the essentials for the trip and then consider how they relate to your site and your targets' needs. 


SEO: The Road Less Traveled and More Often Misunderstood

In the midst of devising a winning business idea, constructing nothing short of a dissertation to support the ROI for your products and services, enlisting a dream team chock full of "gladiators in suits," there's one more task to add to your mounting list to ensure your company's continual growth in a digital age. You need to develop a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Although it's not a shiny, new tactic, it is often overlooked as a vital path on the road to success.


Bloomberg Brief features Ice Energy in Q&A: “Utilities Set to Buy Storage Like Traditional Power Supplies.”

With mandated energy storage ahead in California, the issue of how to meet utilities' need for clean affordable capacity has taken center stage. Bloomberg New Energy Finance Reporter Siobhan Wagner turned to Ice Energy for a Q&A session featured in the July 22 issue of Bloomberg Brief.


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