Meet MG! Summer 2017 Edition

It has been a busy summer at McDonnell Group! MG brought two interns on board this summer who both played an active role in providing service and value to our clients. At McDonnell Group, we are always proud of our team members who work hard every day to serve our clients. That includes our awesome interns! One of our interns, Josh Parrish, recently accepted a Marketing Coordinator role at MG.

Meet Josh Parrish!
School: Georgia College & State University
Team: Marketing
Hometown: Cumming, Georgia

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Why did you want to intern at MG?
I was initially interested in MG because I identify with the organization’s mission and values of promoting diversity, creativity and integrity to create content that provides clients a competitive advantage. After interviewing with MG, I was even more interested in joining the quality team members. I knew I could gain a lot of knowledge from my co-workers about the public relations and marketing fields, as well as the overall energy and utility industries.

What is one of the things you've learned while interning at MG?
I’ve learned that the majority of individuals deal with the energy industry on a daily basis without even realizing it. The use of energy and how we distribute it affects every citizen.

What is something that surprised you? This can be about the marketing/PR industry or energy?
I was surprised to learn that the digital era is transforming the way the utility and energy industries operate and serve their customers. Utilities are becoming increasingly digital with smart meters, smart homes, etc.

What is your favorite piece you've worked on at MG?
My favorite piece that I’ve worked on while interning here is a Trilliant blog on “TNB Making Progress on Nationwide Digital Transformation,” because it offers a glimpse at how a public utility will manage the digitalization of utilities, and how they could benefit from the transformation.
Other releases I’ve worked on include, “Riskpoynt Welcomes Bruce Chumley as President” and “Brooks Utility Products Moving to Expanded Facility in Novi, Michigan.”

What went on in your life outside of interning at MG this summer?
At the beginning of the summer I traveled to California and around the southern coast. I visited one of my best friends in San Diego who is currently stationed out there for the Navy.

Where do you want to be in 15 years?
In 15 years I hope to be working for a brand that I’m passionate about and truly believe in. I hope that my work with this organization will be influential and meaningful for the audiences it is intended to engage with.

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