Trends in Utility Consumer Engagement

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The relationship between utilities and their consumers has evolved greatly over the past decade. Utilities are moving beyond just the core foundation emphasis on delivering cost-effective and reliable power, water and gas services to also providing consumers with new programs and choices based on individual interests and needs. A few examples of these new choices provided to consumers include options to match their demand with renewable generation, the ability to engage in digital pre-pay programs, real-time outage alerts and the deployment of energy efficiency marketplaces where consumers can shop for energy efficiency equipment to gain rebates and energy savings.

AMI data and real-time meter connectivity have provided utilities with the information foundation to deliver many of these value-added services, including time-of-use rates deployed over smart thermostats, EV charger integration, and new energy efficiency and demand management programs. Collectively, these efforts hold great promise to save consumers time and money while also increasing satisfaction. To take full advantage of these opportunities, utilities are deploying a range of new consumer engagement technology platforms.

Accenture’s Customer Centricity report states that six out of 10 energy consumers value the comfort and convenience of automation, making clear that most energy consumers want convenience in their utility interactions and in their home. With companies like Amazon and Netflix shaping consumer expectations for digital service, today’s tech-savvy consumers expect a higher level of engagement with more choices than ever before. According to Genesys, 70% of millennials show a strong preference for mobile marketing. Utilities must adapt to keep pace with these trends and meet growing expectations for hyper-responsive service. As digital natives become heads of households, the need for utilities to evolve with these trends will only grow. 

To learn more download MG’s latest whitepaper, “The Case for Utility Consumer Engagement Platforms”:

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