The whole point of branding is to make your company stand out in the marketplace, telling your unique story in your unique way, so that when a customer is ready to buy, you are top of mind. Your brand is your reputation; how others perceive you, how you perceive you. It is a living, breathing thing so the defining and developing of a brand strategy, identity, and experience is a creative and collaborative partnership. That’s where we come in.





The goal of any brand strategy is to align your vision with your customers’ experiences. This strategy belongs to every company stakeholder, internal and external. It is the central unifying ideal that drives business models, product roadmaps, service offerings, and market interactions. It is meant to direct, inspire, connect, influence, and motivate. It is meant to align vision, corporate strategy, positioning, differentiation, competitive advantage, and distinctive competencies. And most often, companies need a strategist to help them discover and distill what is already there.




Marty Neumeier defined it as the “onliness statement”. The one thing that only your brand can deliver on, to your segment, in your market. Defining that distinct position your company, service, and/or product holds in the mind of your customers is not easy, but it is a critical component to your brand strategy. We can help guide your executive leadership through the strategic positioning process.



Whether you know it or not, your company has a personality; human characteristics that your employees, your customers, and your market ascribe to you when they think of your brand. Sometimes, companies embrace these personalities and sometimes companies want to change these. Regardless, defining that personality and creating a strategy and image to authentically portray it are essential to your reputation and believability in the marketplace.




Stay on message. It is the mantra of all communications professionals because it is key to have the entire company telling the same story. But it’s also key to make sure the entire company is telling the right story. McDonnell Group helps you clearly craft your key messages into a cohesive message map, and then amplify your effectiveness by ensuring those messages are spoken with your distinctive brand voice.


Brand Identity

While logos, colors, symbols, and fonts are not a brand, it is undeniable that awareness and recognition are triggered by these visual elements of your brand. Design is the final, yet critical, component of your brand. From the psychology of color to the science of perception to the art of typography, we create beautiful, authentic, visual languages that complete your brand system and undeniably embody your unique story.




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