Market Research


Market research can be a powerful catalyst for change. For organizations looking to get ahead of the competition by being market-led, it is an imperative. The energy industry is experiencing unprecedented change and as utilities are preparing for change brought on by everything from regulatory policy to the consumerization of energy, you need to align and inform your market strategy with their changing needs. McDonnell Group’s proprietary research programs will help you do just that.




Voice of the Customer

Are you really listening to your customers? Voice of the Customer research is designed to gather your customers’ wants and needs, expressed in their own language.



Win/Loss research is critical to your understanding of your competitive landscape. Find out the likes, dislikes, competitive advantages and disadvantages directly from the influencers and buyers within your sales process.


Customer Satisfaction

If Voice of the Customer research finds out what your customers want and need, Customer Satisfaction research finds out how well you did at listening and acting on what you heard. CSAT surveys are designed to give you the degree of satisfactions your customers have with your product or service, and actionable information on how to improve.


Product Service Concept

Developing and launching a new product or service is an extremely risky and potentially costly proposition. Product/Service Concept testing is an essential tool to help your company mitigate risk and develop a product or service that is relevant to your market.


Market Trends

Wayne Gretzky said it best, “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” We help you to get answers to the pivotal questions around market trends in the energy industry that allow you to make critical business decisions with confidence.


Brand Perception

Perception is reality, and as such, your brand lives in the hearts and minds of the marketplace. But do you really know how the marketplace perceives you? Brand perception research not only gives you this valuable insight, but also arms you with the ability to nurture or alter that perception.



Employee Engagement

Did you know that research shows a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and a company’s service, sales, quality, safety, retention, and shareholder returns? No matter what your business, your employees truly are your greatest assets. Employee engagement research helps you understand and measure the emotional commitment your employees have to the success of your business.




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